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Competitive Cheer - 2018

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**** Competitive Cheerleading 2018 Season is OPEN ****         


Level                   Grade for the 2018/2019 School Year  

Flag Football & Cheer                (K & 1st Grade, can't turn 8 before 12/31)      

2nd  Grade Tackle & Cheer        (Can't turn 9 before 12/31)                               

3rd Grade Tackle & Cheer         (Can't turn 10 before 12/31)                              

4th Grade Tackle & Cheer         (Crade, can't turn 11 before 12/31)                  

5th Grade Tackle & Cheer         (Can't turn 12 before 12/31)                             

6th Grade Tackle & Cheer         (Can't turn 13 before 12/31)                              

7th & 8th Grade Cheer               (Can't turn 15 before 12/31)                            


Read "ALL"  the following information before proceeding forward

  • Participants must live within the Spring-Ford School District. 

  • Before registering your child please make sure you setup an account for both parents if new to the system.  

  • Do not proceed to check-out until you register all siblings so appropriate discounts can be applied.

  • Enter your child's Grade for the 2018/2019 School Year

  • A refundable security deposit of $100.00 is required for tackle equipment and cheer uniforms due when picked up.  

  • Flag football (only) requires minimal travel. 

  • Registration deadline for the 2018 season is June 30th, 2018 or until all spots are filled.  Register early to reserve your spot!   

  • No refunds for any reason for the 2018 season will be issued after August 1st, 2018.   




SFYFB depends heavily on your volunteer participation. We are an all-volunteer organization. With SFYFB training and support, coaching a football or cheerleading team is not beyond your abilities. We are also in need of league volunteers to ensure that  operations continue to run smoothly. Remember, without you volunteering there is no SFYFB.


For the 2018 season, in addition to working the snack stand, we are also asking each family to volunteer in other areas. There are many ways to volunteer including Coach, Team Parent, Special Events (Ram Bowl, Picture Day, Pep Ralley), Fund Raising, Equipment Handout and Return and Field Maintenance (clean-up days and special field improvement projects). Our league continues to grow but our volunteer base is shrinking. The majority of league activities and duties are done by the same small group of people year after year. As many of these volunteers move on as their children age out, recruiting new volunteers is critical to the league's future success.  Please help, without you we can't do it alone!